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About Us

Outback Motorcycle Tours

Outback Motorcycle Adventures was established in 2017 by Alice Springs locals Michael Vroom and Damian McGrath. Both have a huge passion for motorcycles and after years of riding and exploring the Central Australian region, they decided that it was time to let the secret out and share with everyone the amazing scenery and unique riding terrain that this part of the world offers. They strive to make your Outback Motorcycle Adventure experience one to remember! 

Michael Vroom

Michael Vroom (Vroomy)

After 40+ years in the red centre, it goes without saying that dirt bikes have a huge influence in Michael's life. Pursuing this passion led to a somewhat surprise finish of 3rd outright in Finke in 1997. This enthusiasm for racing, training and building bikes, coupled with the need to truly test himself against the elements, led to a Finke outright victory in 2001 - he is still the last bike rider to beat the cars!

2010 still resulted in a credible finish of 7th outright, however age and injuries take its toll in this sport.... 

Vroomy's love of bikes and getting out and exploring in the desert has not diminished; “I have lived here my whole life, and I still think this place is awesome - so vast and truly remote - we are fortunate to have this at our backdoor, and you would be crazy not to experience it!”

Currently, Vroomy's rides a trick 500 SEF. He also has his Finke winning CR500 on display in our shop along with a fully restored '97 CR250. He also has an immaculate XR650 and 2001 KX500 currently being restored.

Damian McGrath

Damian McGrath (Damo)

Damo's claim to fame was cracking a 10th outright in Finke on a DRZ400 back in 2000.

A young family and his studies kept him out of the scene for a few years, but this didn’t dull his passion for bikes and the urge to get back into the saddle was too powerful to ignore.

Like Vroomy, age and injury (and responsibility!) have slowed him down, but the thrill of getting out and discovering the regions' best tracks in the unique Aussie outback still provides him with great satisfaction.

“Some of the sights we’ve seen whilst out exploring this region are truly sensational. To share these with others through our tours is something that is really exciting for both of us”

At present, Damian has a Sherco 500 SEF along with a lovingly restored '92 CR250.


Jeff & Tab

Jeff and Tab became valuable members of our staff in 2021. They live a bit of a nomadic lifestyle and have plenty of tales to tell about past travels and interesting jobs they've had across Australia. 
Jeff is a qualified mechanic and general jack-of-all trades! He keeps our fleet of vehicles and bikes in tip top shape. He also pilots our support truck on most tours and can fix just about anything at anytime. He can also hold his own on a motorcycle and does the odd tour as a sweep rider as well.
Tab is in charge of feeding everyone on our tours and is the general camp boss. She has fast earned a reputation as an awesome cook and there are many customers that have made the comment that they have put on weight whilst on tour due to the spread of tasty food on offer. 
There is nothing that this dynamic duo can't do and they're the first to offer assistance to anyone when required.

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